Write for Us!

Morbid Planet
Highgate Cemetery, London, England. Picture: Erin Chapman.

Do you have a dark side?

Morbid Planet is always looking for writers or photographers!

We love lurking in graveyards in search of that perfect photo and visiting dark tourism attractions when we can. Drop us a line if you have some photos you would like featured in one of our photo galleries. We always give credit to the photographer. It’s a perfect way to help get your photos out to fans on the net!

If you love to write and have an idea to pitch us, send us an email outlining your idea. Our only stipulation is the content has to fall under what Morbid Planet means to us. If you need clarification, give our “About Us” section a quick browse. To be clear, if you want to write about a place you haven’t visited, we are cool with that too. Our goal is to share a little darkness with fans around the world that can’t visit places in person.