Advertising Opportunities

Morbid Planet
Morchard Bisphop, Crediton, Devon, England. Picture: Erin Chapman.

Morbid Planet has competitive and affordable advertising packages available.

We are open to different products  and services, as long as they fit within the theme of our site and our demographics and target market.

We do not design advertisements and all advertisers must submit their own graphics for publication. Links to the advertiser’s website can be included in the contract.

Cross promotion is available with our other websites Vamped and Vampire Classifieds. We also have social media platforms available such as Facebook and Twitter. We will be eventually launching a YouTube channel later this year.

If you are working within a strict budget, we are open to partnerships where we post on our information on our site and you do the same for us on your site. For advertising contact information, please refer to our contact page.