Is Covid Getting You Down? Order a Fangtastic Vampire Mystery Box

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Morbid Planet Vampire Mystery Box
Picture: Boutique du Vampyre

No matter where you reside in the world, we are living in strange times. Covid19 has turned life as we know it upside down and kicked us in the balls a few times, just for fun.

People are hibernating at home to avoid being infected with the virus. For many, this entails a lot of movies, online streaming, playing video games, reading books and social media, working out, cleaning, online shopping or working.

Social media isn’t my favourite thing right now, but I have always looked at it as a necessary evil. Between protests, Covid19 news and Trump running the United States into the ground, it is pretty depressing. When a random cute turtle or animal post pops up in my Facebook feed, it gives me a warm fuzzy inside for a brief moment. Anything to distract from the chaos of the world is a plus in my opinion.

What also distracts me, is getting goodies in the mail! I admit, I have ordered more than my fair share of Amazon and other things this year. Now shops are open here in BC, I am still ordering online to avoid going into a store.

What is a Vampire Mystery Box?

What caught my eye a few months ago was Boutique du Vampyre, which I follow on Facebook, started posting quirky photos with well known vampires holding a “Vampire Mystery Box.” Each time I saw one pop up, it made me laugh. I was intrigued!

Picture: Boutique du Vampyre

I contacted my friend Marita Woywood Crandle, Boutique du Vampyre shop owner and author, about getting a Vampire Mystery Box. I liked the concept of ordering something, and not knowing what I was getting. It’s like Christmas in June! And who doesn’t want a Christmas present right now?

They processed my order and the Vampire Mystery Box of joy arrived almost two months later. For anyone that doesn’t know, our postal system in BC is usually extremely slow. With Covid, it has pushed our post service to a snails pace and if something is coming across the border from overseas or the US, packages sit at customs for weeks.

What made writing this post so challenging, is I promised not to divulge or post photos of what I received in my package. After all, that would wreck the fun for other people.

I was pleasantly surprised with its contents and it was a nice variety of goodies. The package came on a Wednesday and I held off opening it till the weekend, as I was looking forward to the surprise.

How Do I Get My Own Vampire Mystery Box?

I love this concept and if you are a vampire fan, you should check out their site today and order a Vampire Mystery Box! You can pick the size of box and how much you want to spend. Plus, shipping is included. There are also different themes and if you spend over $65, you get a bonus treat with your order.

If you are feeling extra adventurous, you can upgrade to a Vampire Mystery Box that contains Vampire Wine. Something to make the weekend a little better or simply a Tuesday night if that is your thing.

Morbid Planet Vampire Mystery Box
Picture: Boutique du Vampyre

You don’t have to wait till Christmas for some fangtastic fun and joy!

Boutique du Vampyre is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Orders can be made on their website.

Marita Waywood Crandle is author of New Orleans Vampires – History and Legend and other books. They can be purchased online through her author page.

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Erin Chapman

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