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Horror of Dracula (1958) Morbid Planet
Got Blood: Not just vampires drink blood. Christopher Lee starred as the iconic Dracula in Horror of Dracula (1958) The Kobal Collection/ Hammer.

Most people are familiar with blood sucking vampires that have haunted the big screen and works of fiction for decades. But did you know, that vampires really do exist? Well, sanguinarians, that is.

Vampires Throughout Media History

The Vampire Diaries, Morbid Planet
The Vampire Diaries: What people expect typical vampires to be in 2019. (Forbes)

Back in 1922, Nosferatu rocked our world in a silent film, where actor Max Schreck portrayed Count Orlok, an ugly bald vampire sporting pointy ears and long fingers. Not too appetizing for the ladies.

We jump ahead to Dracula in 1931, where Bela Legosi adds a little pizzazz to the vampire role with his exotic accent and dapper appearance, decked out in a tuxedo and flowing cape.

Christopher Lee ups the ante in Horror of Dracula in 1958 with his debonair good looks and some special effects, giving him red eyes and fangs soaked in fake blood.

Move along to to 1966 and the daily soap opera Dark Shadows, invades television screens around the world with Barnabas Collins, a mysterious vampire with a conscience, played by Jonathan Frid.

Despite it’s slow start, Anne Rice unleashed her Vampire Chronicles onto the world with the publication of the premiere book in the series, Interview with the Vampire. This was a game changer for vampires and the genre.

Fast forward to now and vampires have evolved into hot bad boys and girls, thanks to television shows and books like The Vampire Diaries (2009 to 2017), True Blood (2008 to 2014), and The Originals (2013 to 2017). And lets not forget the Twilight Saga either, the books and films that everyone loves to hate, where vampires have turned to vegetarianism and live off animal blood, sparing humans.

Throughout media and literary history, we have been classically conditioned about the one commonality all vampires share. They need blood to survive; it gives them sustenance and provides healing properties. Now, what if vampires were on to something and drinking blood actually could heal the sick? Sanguinarians actually put this into practice.

What is a Sanguinarian?

True Blood, Morbid Planet
Blood drinking: it isn’t like the movies. (Trueblood Fandom)

To help you understand what a sanguinarian is, lets look at a definition provided by The Red Cellar:

Sanguivores are people who perceive a physical need to consume blood (often fresh and human) to stave off a common set of symptoms and to obtain optimal health. Sanguivores often have to consume considerable amounts of blood weekly ranging from seven shot glasses worth to an entire pint. Some of the most frequently reported symptoms include temperature/light sensitivity, digestive problems ranging from nausea, diarrhea, and constipation, chronic lethargy, and migraines. Some of the more frequently reported benefits from maintaining optimal health through consuming blood include a stronger immune system, increased physical strength, and slowed aging.

Why Do Sanguinarians Interest Me?

Over the years, I have met many sanguinarians with a wide range of health problems, which is too extensive to list, but includes such things as lupus, epilepsy, IBS, diabetes and arthritis to name a few. Many of them don’t actually know what is wrong with them, just that drinking blood helps their symptoms.

I have written and researched the topic of drinking blood for health reasons for about four years now. It started with an article I wrote on Vamped discussing sanguinarians and digestive issues.

Later, I contacted Dr. Tomas Ganz, Professor of Department of Medicine Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of California Los Angeles. I conducted an initial interview with him regarding his views on sanguinarism. Dr. Ganz was kind enough to do a follow up interview as well, where he discusses iron poisoning and digesting blood.

I struggled with my own health issues for about ten years. Constantly getting sick, and not feeling good or right takes it toll on you. I visited numerous doctors, paid for expensive tests and tried different things related to my diet in order to find a solution.

About three years ago, I finally found a thorough doctor and figured out I am anemic and I have anaphylactic reactions to eggs, beans and most nuts. I also have problems with dairy, wheat, and gluten. I take tons of iron daily and switched my diet to paleo and it has been smooth sailing since. This shows diet goes a long way.

What is the Purpose of the Survey?

I understand sanguinarian’s frustration of not knowing what is wrong with them and not feeling good. I believe their conditions warrant further studies and this is why I came up with the idea to create a survey.

The purpose of the survey is to accomplish the following:

to identify similarities and patterns concerning diet, health conditions, and lifestyle habits of sanguinarians—or “vampires”—within the Vampire Community, specifically those who consume human and/or animal blood and experience notable health benefits.

By analysing the data collected, I hope to determine statistical patterns that will provide a greater understanding of why consuming human and/or animal blood improves health conditions for certain people, providing a possible avenue for further examination by medical professionals and researchers.

Sanguinarian Survey 2019

Participation Needed

The information gleaned from a survey is only as good as the respondents that participate. I am hoping to reach a goal of 100 respondents as this will be an excellent sample size. I am appealing to members of the online vampire community to participate. If you drink blood for health reasons, I would like to hear from you.

The Sanguinarian Survey will cover the following topics: diet, digestion, medical history and conditions, lifestyle habits and blood drinking. You just need an email address to start the survey.

To do the Sanguinarian Survey, click on the link provided. If you have any questions on this survey, you can reach me at erinchapman [at]

Thank you for the help! If you know someone that would be interested in the survey, please pass this along.

*Please note the survey link has been removed as the survey was officially closed on October 28, 2019.


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