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Morbid Planet
Morbid Planet will explore some classic horror films and some new upcoming ones. Picture: No Film School.

Over the last year, I have had some time to reflect on what Morbid Planet means to me. Personal issues have made me re-evaluate how I spend my time writing and what I want to do.

Originally, I intended this website to only cover morbid destinations around the globe. I wanted to give people that can’t travel, some dark tourism with a sprinkle of culture.

I realized this only touches the tip of the iceberg for me and my website has so much more potential. People have contacted me about doing guest posts and I have other topics to cover, not just places. I will be doing profile pieces on interesting people be alive or dead, writing horror film reviews, covering news items or writing blog posts on anything that interests me.

The new “about” section on Morbid Planet describes the site as:

Morbid (mor·bid ˈmôrbəd): characterized by or appealing to an abnormal and unhealthy interest in disturbing and unpleasant subjects, especially death and disease. Morbid Planet explores the horror genre and showcases the extraordinary and mysterious world of dark tourism. We also highlight unique people and macabre things, review films, and cover current events and news. Going on a trip? Make sure to browse our Deathly Destinations! Check back daily for new content and let us satisfy your morbid curiosity!

What will be coming up on Morbid Planet? I am going to take a look at some locally haunted places in Vancouver. Review The Dungeons that I visited while in Edinburgh this springs. Explore Whitby Abbey, which was made famous in the book Dracula and cover Highgate Cemetery in London where a vampire supposedly lived back in the 1970s. I am going to add some film reviews as well.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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Erin Chapman

Erin is the host of the weekly YouTube show Morbid Planet. She resides in Vancouver, Canada with her two turtles.

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