Morbid Planet’s Halloween Countdown: Day 4, Los Angeles, California.

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There isn’t a more perfect way to spend Halloween than watching Nosferatu with an accompanying orchestra. Picture: Amazon.

Welcome to Morbid Planet’s seven days of Halloween destinations and fun!

To celebrate Halloween, everyone’s favourite morbid day of the year, Morbid Planet is exploring a different city each day and looking at what celebrations, activities and events they offer. We are counting down seven cities and who knows, maybe we will be looking at what your city has to offer next!

Our fifth destination is Los Angeles in California.

The first place my train of thought goes for a Halloween event in Los Angeles is Disneyland! I haven’t been there since I was about eight years old and I know over the years it has changed so much.

Morbid Planet
Main Street Pumpkin Festival in Disneyland looks fantastic. Picture: Disneyland.

I have always wanted to go for Halloween, but just never made it out there. A friend of mine from high school that I keep in touch with through Facebook, goes each year with his family and covered his visit for 2018 on his blog. They always post such fun photos.

The Disneyland website is pretty helpful and lists all the attractions in detail with photos. Here is a list of just a few things to do:

  • check out the horrific decor throughout the park
  • find the characters from the movie Cars dressed up in costumes
  • meet Vampirina, a vampish little girl
  • explore the Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters after Dark
  • attend Maters Graveyard Jamboree
  • see the Main Street pumpkin festival
  • go trick or treating in the happy place on earth

There are so many cool things to cover, I figure the best thing to do is actually show you what Disney has to offer.

Events are running now until October 31, 2018. Tickets are a little pricey, especially if you have a family. A two day, one park ticket is $210 USD.

If carving pumpkins is your thing, you won’t want to miss Nights of the Jack: A Halloween Jack O’ Lantern Experience at King Gillette Ranch.

Morbid Planet
Nights of the Jack has thousands of carved pumpkins and is for all ages. Picture: Nights of the Jack.

The experience actually runs October 11 to November 4, 2018. This will give you a chance to visit if you can’t pop in before Halloween or want something fun for your Halloween hangover.

This event is a half mile walk that boasts thousands of carved pumpkins. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for some famous faces! If you are hungry after, some of LA’s top food trucks are on site for you to pick up a snack or two. Viewing doesn’t start until dusk and most people need about an hour and half for the walk. Tickets are $25 USD for adults and $20 USD for kids. Under three years old is free. They are booked by thirty minute intervals and recommend booking online ahead if you want a certain day and time.  Photography is encouraged at this event so have your cameras and phones ready.

If you are a fan of vampires like I am, pick up a ticket for a night out you won’t forget. I am so jealous I can’t attend this one! The LA Opera Off Grand will be hosting a Halloween Organ & Film: Nosferatu at the Walt Disney Concert Hall

The LA opera describes the event as:

Another spooky marriage of opera and film for Halloween at the Ace! Menace lurks behind every shadow in a remote village filled with secrets. Our annual Halloween mash-up of opera and cinema returns to the spectacular Theatre at Ace Hotel with filmmaker Carl Theodor Dreyer’s surreal 1932 masterwork, one of the most unsettling vampire movies ever made. Composer Joby Talbot creates a compelling new score for chamber orchestra and singers, performed live with a rare screening of this cinematic gem, underestimated for decades but now regarded as an important landmark of the horror genre.

Based on the video I found on the LA Opera YouTube channel that is dated two years old, it appears to be an annual event. This year it starts at 8 p.m. and is being held on October 31, 2018. Tickets range from $138 USD to $570 USD, depending on where your seats are located.

Well, that is it folks. Stay tuned to see where Morbid Planet heads next for some more Halloween goodness!


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